What is Model Cube?

Model Cube® is a platform designed to provide models with professional career advisors, a place to network with other members of the industry, as well as with opportunities to grow their brand presence.

It is important to recognize that the modeling industry is evolving. This is a result of the high demand for digital media and a shift in the way that advertising content is consumed. There is still appeal for the models who fit runway standards, however there are also many brands looking for diversity in the models they work with. It is important that Model Cube exists as a platform for a new generation of models to learn about the industry from professionals and discover where they fit within it.

Our goal is that models do not have to belong to multiple modeling websites. We aim to be the singular place they can learn what they need to build their career and showcase their work all while being true to who they are and what they represent.

There is an industry need for Model Cube; a place where nudity, negativity, and profanity is not allowed. Many modeling sites have veered away from this standard and it is time that together with our members we make this standard the norm again.

There is lingerie and swimwear on our site, as it is a big part of the fashion industry. While we allow those types of photos, we do everything in our best effort to make sure that they are tasteful. We believe that a model can still wear clothes and be discovered.

We strive to be a site with integrity that gives models an opportunity to truly take part in building their business and gaining exposure. We live in a fast-paced society, and it is important that with this rise in technology and social media that models are able to have a streamlined effort that helps them to network and build their brand.

How are we different?

Model Cube is a centralized platform for models to take control of their career and get noticed. It's a place where models can learn about the industry and about what it takes to build their unique brand. It's a community for models who are professionals or who are just beginning their careers to come together and drive their careers forward.

Model Cube works to promote safety for our members. Before attending a casting or a shoot, we encourage models to check references, to report unprofessional behavior, and to remove themselves from any situation which does not feel like it is or will be a good fit for them. We provide education for premium members regarding the best practices for vetting potential opportunities.

Model Cube is endorsed by a growing number of agents and other modeling industry professionals.

The platform is constantly evolving and developing new opportunities for all members based on member feedback and industry advancements.

Nudity, Negativity, and Profanity are simply not allowed. The Model Cube team monitors to the best of their ability, member images, posts, and comments, and removes any inappropriate content deemed not consistent with the Model Cube Terms of Service. Model Cube community members are encouraged to take part in monitoring and reporting any posting of inappropriate content as well, which allows us to cultivate a community where members know that their voices are heard. Decisions on which images and comments are deemed inappropriate for use on Model Cube are made at the discretion of the Model Cube moderators based on the moderators own personal views and also the reports received from Model Cube members. We have a three strike policy, and members who do not follow the standards set by our terms of agreement will be permanently banned from the site.

Model Cube is not an agency and does not seek to directly refer models to agents or clients. Posting of any possible model opportunities is for informational use only.
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Membership Benefits

BRAND - Members are able to use the Model Cube platform to host their online modeling portfolio. The posting of images are monitored by Model Cube staff and Model Cube members and images not consistent with Model Cube guidelines are removed.

LEARN - Premium members have access to the Model Cube Advisor from whom they can receive career guidance. Each of our industry professionals have over thirty years of experience. This feature is important to models seeking answers specifically for their own career. Normal internet search answers to model questions may not answer your question. Model Cube strives to answer questions to assist your personal career goals.

CONNECT - Premium members are able to send unlimited direct messages to other Premium members, including photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists who also use Model Cube to find models for various projects. The Model Cube team vets, as best they can, all members to ensure adherence to Model Cube standards. Premium members are also able to submit to casting notices using our internal submission system.

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