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Get answers to questions specifically about YOU and YOUR career. Contact Model Cube Advisor to get private guidance from industry professionals with 15-35+ years of experience.


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Membership Benefits

LEARN - With a premium membership, models have access to the Model Cube Advisor from whom they can receive career guidance. Our industry professionals filling this role have 15-35+ years of experience. This feature is important because models need answers that fit their career specifically. It doesn't take much work to search the internet for articles that can generally answer most questions about a modeling career, however these answers do not often fit a unique situation or provide guidance as to how to move a specific individual's career forward.

BRAND - Premium members are able to use the Model Cube platform to host their online modeling portfolio.

CONNECT - Premium Model Cube members are able to send unlimited direct messages and comments to other users, including photographers, hair stylists, and make-up artists who also use the platform to find talent for their various projects. The Model Cube team vets, as best they can, photographers and hair/make-up stylists to ensure that they have professional work and reference. Premium members are also able to apply to view casting notices which are aggregated onto the Model Cube platform from across the web.

MERCHANDISE - Premium members can easily set up their own online store and sell products with their photos printed on the merchandise.

PROMOTE - Premium members have the opportunity to submit to appear in Model Cube Magazine as a cover model and/or inside of the magazine. The magazine is issued a minimum of four times per year, and up to a maximum of twelve times per year, depending on submission volume, and is available in both digital and print.

BE YOU - Model Cube believes there is room for everyone in the modeling industry. We promote diversity and strive to keep up with the constantly evolving modeling industry.