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Frequently Asked Questions

Who operates Model Cube?
Model Cube uses the expertise of a number of professional scouts from some of the top model agencies in the world who have worked with Model Cube for many years.  The staff at Model Cube will select from the submissions any person who appears to be what model scouts are looking for and will inform the scouts that these people are interested in model careers.  Basically Model Cube does the work of selecting the best submissions from the large number of people seeking to be models.

Why is my Instagram site reviewed?
Model Cube has found over the last few years, that the images on Instagram are the best method to see quickly how a person appears on camera and the personality of the person.  Instagram is a window on the world and allows Model Cube to scout around the world.
What happens if Model Cube likes my look?
It is most important to understand always that when anyone or any company is selecting a model that the decisions are very subjective.  IN other words, never let the decision of just one entity decide your future actions, only you should decide.  However, if Model Cube feels from a subjective decision to show interest in your look, then Model Cube will reach out to you by a Direct Message via Instagram.

​How does Model Cube help me to be discovered?
Model Cube has the connections with the "right" people in the model industry, worldwide.  Model Cube can get the agency decision makers to view your materials.  If Model Cube is interested, then you will not get lost in the crowd.

​Is there any nudity involved?
None! Model Cube will only be viewing the images that you have posted to your own Instagram site.

​Are there any age restrictions?
Model Cube has a preference to consider anyone who is sixteen years of age and older.

​Can my parents be involved if I am under 18 years of age?
Absolutely yes!  Model Cube will always work with parents and answer all questions parents may have.

​Does Model Cube reply to all submissions?
Sorry, Model Cube only has the time to reply to those persons, who in the opinion of Model Cube, may have the look that the agencies Model Cube works with, are seeking.

​What do I do if I do not receive a reply from my Model Cube submission?
Do not stop trying to reach your goal of being a professional model with a top agency.  Model Cube decisions are always going to be subjective.  In other words, Model Cube is not perfect, as it is operated by humans.  Model Cube will make mistakes and miss someone who has the right potential.  If you do not hear back, keep continuing to post on Instagram and take every opportunity get new images and grow your connections.
Is it really "NO FEES"?
That is correct.  No fees, none.  Model Cube does not need to charge any fees of any kind.  Model Cube only needs to find the people who, in the opinion of Model Cube, truly have the potential to have a successful career as a fashion model.

​How does Model Cube make money?
All top model agencies around the world will pay a "finders fee" to professionals such as Model Cube who find new career models for the agency.  This "finders fee" is directly from the model agency and is never paid by the model.  Again, there are no Model Cube fees of any kind.

​How do I get started?
Just click on the "Submit".  Submit the three (3) items requested in the form.  That's it.   SUBMIT

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